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The Needed Revival of the Northeast

 Sleepless Nights             I remember my installation service in October of 2017. James Thomasson, my pastor, mentor, and friend for the last seven years before my call to Legacy Church, gave my commissioning. In it, he said, "You will have sleepless nights, because of what the people in your church are dealing with, with what is going on in the church in general, and because God will give you a heart more like his as you shepherd his people." Every word of that has been confirmed, and then some. Being called to revitalization is a challenge, one that my close friend, former podcast partner, and brother Erik Maloy points out to me that he sees God has called me to and given me a mind to strategize with and for. So here I am, losing sleep as I see the current state of the Church in New England as we enter into the second month of 2022. It is hard to believe that the data I will go over has not been updated since 2019 because of the worldwide pandemic, but those are the la

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